• Paper Dungeons Puzzle Dungeon Crawling

    A multiplateform Video Game

    Paper Dungeons is a 2D Puzzle RPG, boosted by online content. With the ability to create and share online your own levels, you are up for an infinite replay value. The game is visualized as a classic tabletop board game structured like a dungeon crawling game with a puzzle component. You can destroy walls and auto-heal as you uncover new dungeon tiles, with 3 different and originals gameplays: ADVENTURE, PUZZLE and ROGUE. The game will be multiplatform for Mac, PC and Linux. Even if the game presents some online features, you can still play offline.
    High resolution support with native 1080p graphics.

    Some Numbers :

    1. * 5 classes of character, male and female, with a unique gameplay – Different attack range / deities / damage type / power spells. (Warrior/Archer/Cleric/Mage/Thief).
    2. * 2 Visualization modes: Paper Style for high readability, and Board Style more aesthetic with nice colored tiles.
    3. * Collect dozens of different set of dices to ameliorate your characters.
    4. * A total of 84 different monsters! 6 base types (Basic / Elemental / Vampiric / Magical / Poisonous / Undead). Plus special hidden monsters (4 Mimic chests / 4 Acido-cubes) and the bosses (3 Dragons and the ultimate boss the Demon paper).
    5. * 3 sizes of dungeon (Small 14×10, Medium 24×20, Large 34×30) and 5 designs in paper style visualization, 2 different sets of tiles by zone in board style visualization.  
    6. * 4 different starting regions:

      • - Temperate lvl 1-20
      • - Tropical lvl 21-40
      • - Desert lvl 41-60
      • - Volcanic lvl 61-80

      • - Plus a special difficulty, The Void, much harder with new rewards and alternate color for the previous 84 monsters.

    7. * 8 special tiles: Walls (Hard walls – Wall of fire – Water), Floors (Combo door/key – Combo Teleporter / Divine ward / Magical Ward / Natural trap).  
    8. * 3 zoom levels. 
    9. * 125 levels in the campaign 
    10. * An Editor mode, to create and share your levels online.
    11. * An Online Levels mode, to rate and play in any of the 3 Game modes with users’ created content. With a selected level, or within your list of 10 favorites levels or even directly with random online levels.

    The idea behind Paper Dungeons

    I’ve always wanted to create a never ending dungeon crawling game.
    For example, I loved Dungeon Master when I was young, but what I preferred by far was Captive and its procedural levels, where, after you beat the game, you could still fly to another planet and continue on a new adventure, and so on.

    The problem with these procedurals levels is that they can quickly become too repetitive and boring. But what if you had at your disposal a really intuitive level editor to create and tell your own story? What if you also had instant access to all the dungeons created by other people on Earth? On a classic pen and paper role playing game, I personally always enjoyed this moment when I had to quickly draw some dungeon rooms and throw in my players to challenge them with some new traps and monsters.


    Paper Dungeons was born from this basic idea: a simple dungeon level, drawn on screen, and strong tactical rules where you have to beat the higher monster to win the challenge.

    Monsters hit hard, but you get some heals each time you uncover a new tile. If you need direct access to new parts of the dungeon, you can even destroy walls but at great life cost. Fortunately, you can ease your journey with some items, spells and bonuses dispatched around the map. Don’t forget to seek protection from a Deity, or to visit the store to equip your character. Monsters are all neutral and will only advance towards you if you engage them in a fight.

    What type of game is it?


    The unexplored parts of the dungeons are hidden. Monsters and Items are placed at random and combats results are based on your statistics and dice rolls. An awareness system move the monsters towards you if you are close to them. You have to strategize your moves and you can still dig up the walls to get out of sight of an awaken monster. You can also distribute your attribute points when you level up. The damages are mitigated by 2d6 dice (1 for damages and 1 for effects). You will be able to unlock different sets of dice (common/ uncommon/ rare & epic) and monsters will use them too.

    PUZZLE GAME   Hard-core campaign levels with no place for luck. You see in advance what awaits you and have to strategize all your moves. The monsters are here statics and don’t move towards you.

    ROGUE GAME  An advanced RPG mode where your character doesn’t reset at each dungeon and you keep leveling up until you meet your demise.

    You will travel on a big map with 4 different regions with specific bosses and monsters.

    The core of the project

    THE EDITOR This aspect of the game has really been polished to offer the best experience possible. The level creation is easy and fast: use basic tools to draw walls or place monsters and items. Or you can move or erase them with a simple mouse click, without changing your actual tool. Just keep clicking to put all your monsters and items, or one click the dice button to place them semi randomly (depending on your player’s position).

    Click the [Try] button for a quick test of the level, then go back to Editor mode with the [Escape] button. You can personalize your levels by using special items like indicator panels.

    Once saved, you can choose to post your level online for all to enjoy.

    At level creation, you can tag some items or monsters that won’t be randomly placed in Adventure or Rogue game mode. This allows you to avoid impossible situations like starting surrounded by walls, without any [Destroy wall] magic book in close proximity.

    These levels are created, rated and commented by the Paper Dungeons players’ community. At the beginning of the game, if you choose the Online levels option, you can browse all games posted on our server. You can filter them by rate, note, name, size or by several meaningful tags chosen by other players (RUBBISH, EASY, DIFFICULT, FUN, ARTSY, IMPOSSIBLE, MUST DO, etc…).

    Every time you’ve achieved an online level, the game will ask if you want to rate it, tag it or leave a comment, progressively contributing to sort these levels for the benefit of the community.

    Thank you.
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    Who we are

    Agent Mega is a two members’ team. Our main vision is to create fun and original game. We are dedicated gamers ourselves, so the gameplay always comes first.

    Stephane Valverde:

    French programmer living in Laos since 2008. An avid Roleplayer and Gamer, I’ve programming since I was 15 years old (1984!) on my old Amstrad CPC464, yup, the one with the tape recorder and the green screen… Passion never left me, so I decided to create my own indie game compagny : Agent MEGA. Going commercial this year 2012.

    Leslie Valverde:

    Graphic artist fond of classic pen & paper projects, Paper Dungeon is my first venture into the digital world. Most graphics of this project are vector based, for a clear and fun, cartoonish but cute look, that’s been my style since my first doodles during our old Dungeons & Dragons sessions.  

    Meet the Agent Mega team

    • Stephane Valverde Programmer

    • Leslie Valverde Graphic Designer

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    Stephane Valverde
    PO Box 3667 Nam Phou Building
    1000 Vientiane
    LAO P.D.R.

    Office in Vientiane:
    Tel: +856 021 313181
    E-mail: agent2mega@gmail.com

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  • Changelogs

    Phew, that’s one big patch for you guys! We listened to your suggestions, watched the reviews on videos, and came up with notable changes that should improve your gaming experience (lower level requirements to unlock game modes and classes, etc…), spice up your game play (70% of the dice sets have been modified and become more specialized to offer more tactical options, etc…) and feel more user’s friendly (you can now easily transfer your game progression from one computer to another, etc…). We hope you enjoy! Again, thanks for you feedbacks! Game balance:
    • Lowered the level requirements to unlock game modes: Puzzle mode (Adventure 3), Rogue mode (Adventure 4).
    • Lowered the level requirements to unlock new classes: Thief (Puzzle 16), Archer (Adventure 16), Priest (Adventure 31), Mage (Adventure 47.
    • Modified 70% of the dice sets to be more specialized and offer more strategic choices.
    • Dice sets can now be switched in the middle of a fight.
    • Some dice powers can now be cast in fight, with an effectiveness reduced to 20%: Regenerate, Power shot, Divine light, Fire blast, Backstab.
    New features:
    • New game option : « Hide dice roll ». The dice roll animation is removed, for a faster gameplay.
    • New game option : « Click to dismiss the dicebar ». The dicebar stays on screen until you click on it, so you can appreciate the end fight result at your own pace.
    • Removed the email requirement to register a new account (this field was obsolete).
    • Changed the account save system to be on a text file (.txt) instead of in the registry. It is now easier to transfer your game’s progression from one computer to another one. See FAQ for details.
    • Dice are now classified by rarity on the dice select page.
    • The background image on the main menu has been modified to avoid bars showing on screen formats other than 16:9.
    • New shortcuts: TAB: Switch dice set. F4: Cast your power spell.
    • Added scrollbar on the map screen for a faster scrolling option.
    • Added visual indications for the Priest’s heal after fight abilities.
    • Online Levels mode : « NEW SEARCH » option is now accessible in the game menu.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Map stuck after completing Adventure mode levels 41 and 51.
    • Sound reset on loading Savepoint.
    v1.133 (Hotfix)
    Fixed :
    • Puzzle and Rogue modes bug: In some rare cases, killing the boss didn’t give credit (win the level and unlock the next one).
    • Rogue mode bug: - Disease indicator not showing. - When exiting the game, game progression didn’t save and the dungeon’s count was messed up. - Characters level 21 and above received low XP rewards. - When leveling to level 21, the Thief class stayed stuck on the choose a bonus screen. - Thief’s 2nd Kali’s Benediction (Darkness Call) had its mini-icon missing. - Game stuck after receiving dice reward.
    • Adventure and Rogue modes bug: - Game menu could be activated during combat. - Dice combat UI showed wrongly sized Life bars, due to negative values.
    • All: - After reloading a game, tooltips for benedictions and shop items were missing. - After reloading a game, maxed out (20) Chicken legs or Mana charms weren’t working anymore - UI elements not always visible in 4×3 resolutions (under or equal to 1024×768).
    • Linux: Local non US systems froze the game on Adventure launch.
    v1.132 (Hotfix)
    • Puzzle mode bug: The latest 1.131 version introduced a change in the game balance, allowing higher ranked monsters to get a boost in their statistics. This modification was only intended for the Adventure and Rogue modes, but it was implemented in the Puzzle mode by mistake. Due to this error, some Puzzle levels couldn’t be finished, like the lvl 19.
    • Adventure and Rogue bug: Both modes were harder than intended, due to a miscalculation that didn’t assign enough attack points when your character leveled up. Please note that the game is still supposed to be tough and still relays on luck in your dice rolls, but it should be fairer now.
    v 1.131
    New Features:
    • The application now pauses when minimized in the background.
    • Minimum damage system: damages below 0 now do a minimum of 10% of the attack.
    • Added Tooltips about the player negative statuses : Poison / Disease.
    • Monsters no longer throw their dice when they are out of range and under attack from a ranged class (archer, mage).
    • Added 1 slide on the lvl1 Adventure tutorial.
    Fixed various bugs.
    • Game Introduction implemented (Adventure mode).
    • UI portraits with different expressions for your hero, depending on his state.
    • Added Tool tips at the beginning of levels that present new game elements.
    • Paper doll with stats for the fallen heroes in the Hall of Fame.
    • Antidote/Vaccine/Divine Light powers can now be cast in advance and won’t be replaced when you roll a new power.
    • Cast spells can now be deselected.
    • The Ice Blast spell can now extinguish Walls of Fire.
    • Bigger mana pool for the Mage and the Priest.
    • Adventure Mode : monsters 1 rank above the actual zone now receive a +5% bonus to all stats. The ones 2 ranks above receive a +10% bonus. This bonus is at +10%/+20% in Void.
    • Rogue Mode : the rank bonus is reduced at 1%/rank and 2%/rank in Void.
    • New casting cost for spells in Zone 2, 3 and 4.
    • New music for the Boss levels.
    • Button back to the Editor.
    • Many bugs fixed: Rogue mode stuck on Choose Bonus, Tool tip fixed, Defense calculation in Adventure mode fixed, Status color disappearing, Wrong damages indicated, Boss disappearing in Rogue mode, No victory when using Ice blast on boss, etc..)
    • Minor bug: Healing dice power no longer crash the game in Rogue mode.
    • Icon maxed out on Chicken and Mana charms. Any item over 20 is now used on spot.
    • Added info: unlock requirement showed for each die, in the dice selection age.
    • Added info: class specific dice (even if not unlocked yet) can now be checked.
    • UI infos over portrait displayed longer.
    • Added Tutorial on lvl1 Puzzle.
    • Main menu page displayed in HD.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Levels no longer unlock without beating the boss.
    • Thief and other classes now unlock correctly.
    • Reward now given in Adventure mode, dungeon 108.
    • Added Tool tips on the main menu page.
    • Display next reward requirement on the map page.
    • Added  Tutorial on lvl1 Adventure mode and Rogue mode. Puzzle WIP.
    • Name your character on Rogue mode.
    • Improved UI on the Dice page.
    • Improved UI on the combat dicebar in Adventure and Rogue mode.
    • Fixed bugs.
    • Boss lvl31 in Puzzle mode.
    • Win32 compatibility.
    • Fixed bugs.
      v1.01 :
    • Fixed bugs.
      v1.0 :
    •  Boardgame visualisation mode.
    • Improved  UI.
    • 5 Classes playable (Warrior/Archer/Priest/Mage/Thief)
    • 3 Game modes ( ADVENTURE/PUZZLE/ROGUE).
    • 72 dice sets to collect.
    • 125 Levels in Adventure Mode.
    • 30 Levels in Puzzle Mode.
    • 5 Special boss levels.
    • VOID difficulty with new monsters colors and rewards.
    • Fixed bugs.
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A fantasy boardgame mixing Tactics and Roguelike, boosted with online content.